App Overview

What can you do with Musicalm?

Musicalm will pull you out of the hustle and bustle of the day and boost your motivation.

Dozens of Different Sounds

You can create a mix from dozens of different sounds, which will match your soul best, and you can adjust your sleep schedule.

Create Playlists

You can create playlists that will accompany you while you are working or walking and that will increase your daily motivation.

Relax Your Soul

You can relax your soul with musical instruments, dance to energetic sounds and create a magical atmosphere with romantic melodies.

There is more!

It may be hard to commune with nature in daily life. However, it is possible to feel woken up to an amazing spring morning by adding wonderful nature sounds to your mix.

We have something for your baby, too! You can explore lullabies in the application that will help your baby calm down and sleep.

Here are some great features of Musicalm

We are innovators that deliver extraordinary interactions which engage and retain users in one-of-a-kind experiences

Create Your Own Personal Mix

You can create your personal mix and choose what you want to listen. Do something nice for yourself and create your own mix in 10 categories & 101 sound effects!

Set Your Mind Free

Set your mind free, reduce your stress level and fall into a deep sleep.

Boost Your Motivation

Explore and meet thousands of relaxing sounds to boost your motivation.

Magical Ambiance

Turn your ordinary environment into a magical ambiance with romantic melodies.

Relaxing Sounds of Nature

Explore the perfect concord of rain and romance and lose yourself in relaxing sounds of nature.

Enjoy Your Pleasant Moments

After an exhausting day, relax with Musicalm. Colour your mixes with amazing sound of musical instruments.


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